west window of Norwich Roman Catholic Cathedral
The ‘Great West Window’ represents St John the Baptist and contains many references to both him and other prophets.

The Central Light
The window is dominated by a representation of Jesus on the cross, his blood is symbolically flowing into gold chalices. On either side are prophets together with King David. Below is John the Baptist standing by the River Jordan above the words ‘Behold the Lamb of God’. On either side of St John are scenes representing his life and more particularly his death, including Salome holding John’s head on a platter.
In the apex we see God the Father flanked by angels. The base of the window contains a series of roundels showing scenes from the bible, including the nativity.

The Left Light
The main figure here is Moses carrying a rod and tablets containing the Ten Commandments. Beneath him is an image of Elias and the words: ‘The place thereon thou standest is holy ground’. The roundels contain scenes from the life of Moses, including; being discovered in the bulrushes when he was a baby and with the ‘brazen serpent’. In the apex we see the struggle between Satan and St Michael to possess Moses’ body.

The Right Light
The central figure is the prophet Elijah who stands above his successor Elisha. The lower set of roundels depict scenes from Elijah’s life, whilst those towards the top of the window illustrate the story of Christ’s transfiguration. In the apex, we see Elijah being carried to heaven in a chariot of fire, whilst letting his mantle fall upon Elisha.